Celebrate the 30th Ceremony, Promote the Industry - Preparation of the 2021 Chi

In 2021, China International Bicycle Fair (hereinafter referred to as "China Cycle") will also welcome its 30th-anniversary celebration. From 1990 to today, China Cycle has gone through a full 30 years, along with the national reform and opening up, China Cycle has recorded the history of China's two-wheeler industry from small to large with a vigorous development. Throughout the history of China Cycle, we can see that tremendous changes have taken place in the pattern of fairs: from the early fair form of almost ground stalls and stores, to today's lofty booth design and intelligent exhibits; From a group of enterprises admire the advanced technology of western countries, to the growing strength of Chinese manufacturing; Even from queuing up to fill in documents, to paperless fair mode......The back of all these changes reflects the strong rise of China's two-wheeler industry in the world. Over the past 30 years, the organizer of the China Cycle, the China Bicycle Association, has been committed to the practice of “Combining the strength of the industry, running the business of the industry, serving the industry, and promoting the development of the industry”. China Cycle is accompanied by every milestone of the industry, all the way wonderful and harvest, and these achievements condense the association’s unremitting struggle and innovation wisdom, as well as the original heart to constantly promote the industry to realize the new leap. On this milestone node, China Cycle Organizing Committee prepared a series of celebrations, combing the 30-year development of China’s bicycle industry and taking stock of the 30-year technical innovation achievements of the industry, pay tribute to industry leaders, pioneers, and innovators, and witness the glory and the dream of China Cycle. The celebrations have at least the following highlights: First, at the opening reception, leaders of China Cycling Association will give warm speeches to the participants. A promotional film for the 30th anniversary of China Cycle will be broadcast, and awards will be given to the gold and silver exhibitors of the 30th anniversary. Representatives of the winning exhibitors will speak with deep feeling and give awards to the "innovation selection winning products", etc. Accompanied by the magnificent Oriental song and dance, every guest in the scene will bath in a happy atmosphere, relive the extraordinary years we have gone through together, and share the happy time. Second, a theme fair reviewing the 30 years of China Cycle will be held at the fair site. The theme fair will be divided into five chapters, including “Preface”, “Dreaming”, “Forging Ahead”, “New and Innovative” and “Smart Future”, etc. In the form of a 30th-anniversary gallery, the fair will show the highlights, opening scenes, exciting moments, and supporting activities of each fair in the past 30 years since the first China Expo. At the same time, the on-site video of each fair will be selected, and the wonderful part will be reproduced and shown on the fair site in a loop, fully showing the development of China Expo along with the bicycle industry and its leading role in the industry. Thirdly, the organizing committee has designed and produced the 30th-anniversary logo for posters, tickets, invitations, website, WeChat, on-site access and punching points, etc., and arranged logo elements highlighting the 30th-anniversary theme in various details of the fair; produced commemorative covers and special issues of the fair information, etc.; produced a commemorative album covering the review of previous fairs, charts or trend diagrams of the fair development, etc. The chairman of the China Cycling Association will write a preface for the album. From May 5 to 8, 2021, the 30th anniversary of China International Bicycle Fair will be held as scheduled. Guests from all over the world are welcome to join us in Shanghai!